Monday, February 19, 2007

Marshaling Integrity - Stacy Martin

This excerpt is taken from our interview of Stacy Martin who talked about working as a privacy officer.

When it comes to privacy, things are not always black and white. Privacy means different things to different people and people should take privacy more seriously. I find it very gratifying to be involved in an open and balanced discussion with someone who is also passionate about privacy. At the end of the conversation, we may not always agree, but nor do we have to. Great progress can be made by simply engaging in thoughtful conversation so that opposing sides can gain a greater understanding of each other’s issues.

Stacy Martin's interview is included in Working for Integrity: Finding the Perfect Job in the Rapidly Growing Compliance and Ethics Field.

(All interviewees spoke to us about their own personal experiences and opinions; interviewees were not acting as a spokesperson or otherwise representing their current or former employers.)