Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Marshaling Integrity - Daniel Roach

These excerpts are taken from our interview of Daniel Roach, who we spoke to about working as a health care compliance officer.

One particular area that is unique to health care is the whole issue of quality and medical necessity. That is an area where we do some work from a compliance perspective in the organization to make sure that we have effective peer review processes, and to make sure that we’re providing only medically-necessary services.

I really think that organizations who want an effective compliance program should try to get a compliance professional or two on their board. Or at least get one on the committee of the board (whether it’s the audit committee or the compliance committee) that oversees the compliance processes in the organization. Sarbanes-Oxley requires organizations to have a financial expert on the audit committee, and if the audit committee is where the compliance function ultimately reports, then it makes sense to have compliance expertise on that committee as well.

Daniel Roach's interview is included in Working for Integrity: Finding the Perfect Job in the Rapidly Growing Compliance and Ethics Field.

(All interviewees spoke to us about their own personal experiences and opinions; interviewees were not acting as a spokesperson or otherwise representing their current or former employers.)