Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back from Vegas

Hello, it’s Joshua Leet, and yes, we have been back from our trip to Vegas and the HCCA Compliance Institute for quite a while. In the month since the conference, we have been busy with various work projects (such as preparing a smaller version of the book for the more casual reader), so this is the first chance I have had to update this blog.

We promise much more regular updates in the future.

What happened in Vegas
Joe and I had a great time in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. Most of each day was spent in the exhibition hall (where the table with our book was set up), listening to speakers, or just networking with our peers.

The nights afforded the opportunity to walk the strip, see shows or just enjoy the offerings of Caesars. Joe and I each did some gambling, of course, and Joe predictably ended up better off than I did myself. We also had the opportunity one night to attend the Second Annual International Compliance Awards Banquet. Book interviewee Paul Fiorelli gave the keynote address. Joe was honored himself the previous year as one of the first award recipients.

I am including a few photos from our time in Vegas, though the quality is regrettably not great. The digital camera stopped working, so I had to rely on a disposable.

This first picture is of me at the book table.

The board on the right side of the picture has the book title above the cover, and the text below the cover reads as follows:

Joseph E. Murphy, one of the leading experts in compliance, has collaborated with Joshua Leet to write this book about the compliance and ethics profession. Working for Integrity contains valuable information such as:

  • Interviews with more than 20 professionals in compliance and ethics
  • Promoting compliance to management
  • Protections for compliance professionals
  • Finding the right employees for compliance jobs

A marvelous resource for EVERYONE in the compliance field

Another picture at the table, this time with Joe, as well.

Below are two more casual pictures of me, the first in the Caesars lobby, and the other in front of Treasure Island.

I will be posting a link to the SCCE store very soon, where you will be able to purchase the book.