Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Help Us Help the Field

Our goal is to provide the gateway for those interested in entering our field, and to be the first resource for those interested in advancing their careers in this field.

Those interested in a career in ethics and compliance should have a place to turn that is their own. Our book, Working for Integrity, and this blog are that resource. Please join us in this mission. We welcome your insights on what it is like to work in this field. This is a chance to share anything you think someone needs to become a compliance and ethics professional.

Some of the things we would specifically like you to send us include:
(When there is one, please include a web address/URL.)

  • Web links – E.g., sites listing jobs in compliance & ethics, sites relating to courses, certification and other resources for the C&E professional.
  • Have your own compliance web site or blog relating to our field? Email us about a link exchange!
  • Job Titles – Did you look down our list of over 800 compliance and ethics job titles (found in Appendix 4A of our book) and not find your own title? If so, send it to us!
  • Job Descriptions – Have an interesting compliance and ethics position? Send us your job description.
  • Organizations – Know of an ethics and compliance membership organization we don’t list in our book (groups like SCCE, ECOA, ACI)? Maybe you’ve started a group in your city or industry. (Interviewee Linda Lipps helped found GHBER in Houston, and Bill Prachar headed the DII for a time.)
  • Academics – What is offered by academia that would help C&E people? George Washington University and Quinnipiac both offer certificate programs on Health Care Compliance…do you know of any others? Send us info on the schools, the degrees or certifications, the courses and the professors. Even information on regular lecture series will help our readers. And if you know of an ethics center specifically researching compliance and ethics from a practical/applied point of view, send us that too.
  • Certification – Know of an organization or company offering compliance certification or training? (including Sarbanes-Oxley) Ethics and compliance organizations like SCCE and ACI (free registration on the ACI website is required to view) have developed certification to help professionalize the field – do you know of any others?
  • Job Search – Headhunters, listing sites, career message boards and any other way compliance people find work. Tell us about the firm or resource that helped you find a compliance position.
  • Field Statistics – Two of the things we’re always looking to learn about the field are salary figures and employment tallies (number of people in the field). If you know of any surveys or other statistics about the field let us know.
  • Did you read the book and not see information you wish had been there? Let us know.
  • And we do want all of these resources regardless of where in the world you are located! Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, South Africa...

One of the best features of the C&E field is the open sharing of information among our colleagues. Contact us with your stories and your lessons learned. Tell us about your upcoming compliance book or project. If it relates to the field and how people make a living in it, we want to hear about it!

You can reach us by email (Joe Murphy & Josh Leet) or by commenting on this post.