Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome to the Working for Integrity Blog!

Our new book, Working for Integrity: Finding the Perfect Job in the Rapidly Growing Compliance and Ethics Field, has been a project Joe Murphy has long wanted to complete. In 2004, he approached Joshua Leet about helping with the book, and eighteen months later, a full draft was on its way to the editor at the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE).

The book is a guide to those looking to begin or grow a career in the compliance and business ethics field. This is a world of many exciting facets: senior ethics officers at the world’s top companies, field environmental experts preventing harm to the environment from company plants, internal investigators trying to unlock complex fraud, anti-discrimination experts working to prevent harassment—hundreds of functions, thousands of employees working to prevent the next Enron. In the book, we survey the various types of jobs available, the ins and outs of the field, the places interested individuals can find information or training, as well as the likely value of those resources. We discuss the staying power of the field, and explain why the the field will continue to grow. We offer advice on how to get management to support a compliance and ethics program, and tell you where to find the resources you would need to do the job. Of special importance for those seeking real world insights, the book also boasts a large collection of interviews with established compliance and ethics professionals. These interviews range from chief compliance officers at multinational giants, to people who have only recently entered the workforce.

Our goal is to open the door for more people to enter and succeed in this field that has been hidden from public view for years.

We created this blog so we would have a place to post news about the book and all things related to working in this field. When you come here, you can expect to see announcements of release dates, reviews, links to related articles, useful excerpts from the book, and first-time online offerings that cannot be found anywhere else.

While our work draws on the experiences of people working in all parts of the compliance and ethics field, we hope you will take advantage of this blog to post your own questions, comments and suggestions. We are always looking to explore employment opportunities in the field, and are particularly interested in adding to our bank of useful materials. We welcome your contributions, such as your own job title (to add to our list that now totals over 800 separate job titles in this field) and job descriptions.