Friday, January 05, 2007

Big News! A New Installment in the Project

As some of you may know, we have long planned a smaller, more mass market version of the book.

We have just finished looking over the galley proofs of that book, and it goes to press next week.

The new book, Building a Career in Compliance and Ethics: Find your place in the business world's hottest new field, will sell for only $29.95 and will be published next month, February 2007.

It will of course be available through SCCE, but we are not sure yet where else you may be able to get a copy. We will keep you updated.

Below, we have included the Table of Contents of this new book, and next week, we should have up the front and back covers of the book, so be sure to check back then.

Building a Career in Compliance and Ethics
Table of Contents



1. What Is This Field?

2. Why Should I Go into This Field?
Appendix 2A: Should I Go Into Compliance and Ethics? Some Questions to Ask Yourself

3. How Do I Get into This Field?
Appendix 3A: Resume Builders: Things You Can Do to Advance in the Compliance and Ethics Field.

4. What Are the Jobs in Compliance/Ethics?
Appendix 4A: What’s in a Name? Titles and Positions in the Compliance and Ethics Field

5. The Top Job In-house: Compliance Officer

6. Compliance Careers for Lawyers

7. Compliance Work in Privacy and Data Protection

8. The Voices of Experience: Advice from Those in the Field
Odell Guyton, Microsoft’s Director of Compliance
Rodney Smith, In-House Environmental, Health, Safety and Ethics Analyst
Joseph "Joe" Murphy, Former In-House Compliance Lawyer, outside advisor
Linda Lipps, In-House Compliance Officer
Richard Gruner, Law Professor and author in compliance

9. What Training and Certifications Are Available for Compliance Professionals?
Appendix 9A: Model Curriculum
Appendix 9B: University of Pennsylvania Corporate Lawyering Seminar: Compliance Basics
Appendix 9C: Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP) Program Overview - Excerpts from the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics "CCEP Candidate Handbook"

10. Selling Compliance (and the Importance of Your Job) to Management
Appendix 10A: Benefits of a Compliance Program

Appendix A: Glossary and Acronyms in Compliance (from Integrity Interactive's Compliance Primer)
Appendix B: Sentencing Guidelines Definitions
Appendix C: Where Can I get More Information and Advice?
Appendix D: Compliance: War story reading
Appendix E: Ethics Centers
Appendix F: There Is More