Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Marshaling Integrity - Peter Wymard

These excerpts are taken from our interview of Peter Wymard, who discussed the provision of online compliance training.

My role, specifically, is in our sales group. I spend my time out there in the world, quite frankly as best I can trying to get our message out. Now, if you think about it...what we do is provide a service over the Internet. Typically owners of a program are the legal departments of publicly traded or large companies that really have to care deeply about compliance & ethics issues, and the risk of compliance failure. So I am out there in the world, trying to get as close as I possibly can, to speak with the owner of the company’s compliance or ethics program. More and more frequently, companies have stand-alone compliance or ethics departments where there’s a clearly identified compliance officer or director of ethics.

Whatever you’re selling, it’s strategic selling, meaning they’re multiple buyers who weigh-in in the process: there’s the ultimate buyer, who’s going to sign the check; the ultimate owner of the program; perhaps user buyers, those people who on a daily basis may help administer the program internally; there’re the technical buyers, those folks who can’t say yes to a project, but they certainly can weigh-in heavily on saying no, that sort of thing. So whatever product you’re selling, it really requires significant buy-in from the prospective client from a number of forces. That’s making it a strategic sell.

Peter Wymard's interview is included in Working for Integrity: Finding the Perfect Job in the Rapidly Growing Compliance and Ethics Field.

(All interviewees spoke to us about their own personal experiences and opinions; interviewees were not acting as a spokesperson or otherwise representing their current or former employers.)

This is the final interview excerpt from Working for Integrity alone. Tomorrow, five excerpts from interviews that also appear in Building a Career in Compliance and Ethics will be posted.