Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A new web site for your Working for Integrity news and information

There is now an official website for Joe Murphy and Building a Career in Compliance and Ethics. You can visit it here.

Expect a banner link to the site to appear prominently on this blog later today (replacing two other banner links above all posts). The link will also be added to the 'Working for Integrity Links' section in the sidebar.

In related news, this will be the final post on this blog. Joshua Leet, who has been the primary blogger, is now moving on to new work, having completed his role in the Working for Integrity project. This blog will be left as is for as long as Blogger leaves it, but with both books out and no immediate plans for further projects, the blog has served its purpose.

Please visit Joe's site for all your future Working for Integrity needs.

Thank you

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Working for Integrity linked by another site

We've just heard from a site dealing in jobs and careers that they've chosen to link to our blog. Check them out at:

SearchJobsCareers.Com - International, Overseas & World Wide Jobs and Careers - International Jobs and Careers. Free employment site free corporate job site and career tools from Search Jobs Careers Recruiting corporate career site service, including free resume search, free job postings and free resume postings.

You'll also find a link to that site in a new link category in our sidebar: Sites that Link to this Blog

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

An Excerpt to Tide You Over - Risk Areas

Still don't have a copy of the book?
Here's another small excerpt, this time from a list included in the books.

From Chapter 1 of both books:

Potential Compliance Risk Areas
· Antitrust/competition law
· Conflicts of interest
· Consumer protection/advertising
· Document management/retention
· Employment discrimination/labor
· Environmental
· Government investigations/dealings
· Harassment
· International
· Money laundering
· Political contributions/bribery/lobbying
· Privacy
· Product/service safety
· Taxes
· Wages and hours/ fair labor standards act (flsa)
· Workplace safety and health

To see a larger list and read about how compliance programs address these risks--and how this relates to the need for compliance professionals--order your copy of Building a Career in Compliance and Ethics.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Article Alert - JobWeb

Today, more article news, as JobWeb has posted an article by Joshua Leet. The article is titled "Do I Have to Sacrifice my Values to Succeed in Business" and it offers advice and information about Compliance and Ethics to college students.

The article is currently accessible at the top of the Career Library page or by clicking here.

This article joins last week's at SmartPros in helping to promote the new book and the field.

Reminder: You Can Buy the Book Today

Well, it's March, and that means that Building a Career is now available for immediate order at both SCCE and Amazon!

Further, while it was discounted for pre-order at Amazon, it is now listed at its regular price of $29.95, so unless you're using an Amazon gift certificate, we suggest ordering directly from the publisher SCCE.

There should be a more extensive web page up for the book soon. We'll keep you updated on that.