Monday, January 29, 2007

Marshaling Integrity - Margaret Bavuso

These excerpts are taken from our interview of Margaret Bavuso, who shared her experiences as a compliance director and investigator and as an outside advisor.

Compliance work is very interesting. The politics in every corporation impact the effectiveness of any compliance program, and very often the politics are based on personality. Everybody has to know what their own threshold is as to what they’re willing to deal with.

…the last thing you want is a program that sits on the shelf. You want a program that actually works and prevents wrongdoing. And then when there is wrongdoing, you actually have a process for investigating and taking action. The transition from inside to outside gave me that benefit.

Margaret Bavuso's interview is included in Working for Integrity: Finding the Perfect Job in the Rapidly Growing Compliance and Ethics Field.

(All interviewees spoke to us about their own personal experiences and opinions; interviewees were not acting as a spokesperson or otherwise representing their current or former employers.)