Friday, January 19, 2007

Assorted News

As we get closer to the release of the new book, we will post some small excerpts from the books to whet your appetite. Check back regularly. In the meantime...

Interesting Ethics News

The University of California has taken a bold step and decided to have all its employees take an ethics course.

Article Alert
As mentioned in a previous post, Joshua Leet wrote an article covering the SCCE's CCEP certification program for ethikos. The issue containing that article is out now. (The article is not online - a copy of ethikos must be ordered.)

You can also expect another article online elsewhere in the near future as part of our efforts to promote the project. More on that in the coming month.

Interview Update
Several of the individuals interviewed for the books have since changed jobs or received promotions. Recently, Rodney Smith informed us that while he is still with the Timken Company, he has been promoted to be Sr. Associate Relations & Safety Analyst at Timken's Faircrest Steel Plant. He is excited about his new role, though it is less of a broad compliance role.

Other interviewees whose information has changed since the first book include:
-Donna Boehme, now acting as a Special Advisor to CSLG and its clients, among other things
-George Wratney, closed his Wratney Ombuds Concepts