Sunday, January 07, 2007

Links - Jobs and Blogs

They are a bit later than planned, but there are now some more links in the sidebar scrollboxes, specifically sites listing compliance jobs, and some blogs we came across related to compliance and ethics. We don’t specifically recommend any of them, nor do we check them all regularly, but most of you will probably find something interesting.

The new job listings sites are shown below (and will be in the Compliance and Ethics Link section of the sidebar), but the blogs will only be listed in the sidebar, in the new Relevant Blogs section.

Job Listings/Searching:

Compliance Week - General "Help Wanted Listings" are provided. There aren't too many, but if nothing else, they may serve as good examples.

HCCA - The Health Care Compliance Association lists various job openings in the Health Care field.

NSCP - The National Society of Compliance Professionals offers a "Job Line" section on its site.

SCCE - The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics has a page of listings.

ECOA - The Ethics and Compliance Officer Association offers JobLink, but you have to be an ECOA member to access it.

U.K. only sites - These two sites cater to compliance job seekers in the United Kingdom.

Compliance Online -, the "UK financial services compliance portal" lists almost 200 jobs.

ICA - The International Compliance Association has various jobs sorted by region.

Beyond all of these specific sites, you will find countless compliance and ethics jobs listed on the larger job search sites (Jobster, Monster, Yahoo, etc), and you may also find that some "headhunter" firms also deal with compliance.