Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tidbits: Compliance and Ethics

Working for Integrity is an ongoing project. As part of the project, we gather materials that either are not included in the book, or have been found since its publication. Some of these materials are things like compliance and ethics job titles, position descriptions, and statistics about the field. Though these materials may eventually find their way into articles or updates of the book, we have decided to also post them on this blog for your benefit. The sheer number of titles and the myriad position descriptions can be very revealing about the field.

Job Titles
Within our book Working for Integrity: Finding the Perfect Job in the Rapidly Growing Compliance and Ethics Field, we included a large list of compliance and ethics job titles (over 800 titles). These titles were found on jobsearch sites like Monster and Yahoo, as well as in attendance lists from compliance conferences. Below are 54 job titles not present in Working for Integrity:

Assistant Director of Compliance
Assistant Integrity Officer
Assistant System Privacy Officer
Associate Integrity Officer
Billing Compliance Educator
Coding & Compliance Educator
Compliance & HIPAA Privacy Officer
Compliance & Privacy Coordinator
Compliance Department Auditor
Compliance Education Specialist
Compliance Educator Coordinator
Compliance Integrity/Privacy Officer
Compliance Monitoring Consultant
Compliance Process Reviewer
Compliance Review Specialist
Corporate Compliance & Integrity Program Manager
Corporate Integrity & Privacy Officer
Corporate Integrity Director
Corporate Integrity Program Administrator
Deputy National Compliance Officer
Director Compliance Education
Director National Compliance Audit Team
Director of Appeals & Compliance
Director of Compliance & Policy
Director, Health Care Compliance & Privacy
Director, Integrity Office
Ethics & Compliance Educator
Executive Director, Corporate Integrity
Federal Compliance Officer
HIPAA Training Specialist
Hospital Compliance Manager
Institutional Compliance Officer
Managing Director Corporate Compliance
Medical Center Compliance Officer
Medicare Compliance Officer
Medicare Compliance Specialist
Medicare D Compliance Officer
National Director, Quality & Compliance
Network Compliance & Privacy Officer
Operations Compliance Officer
Organizational Integrity Coordinator
Organizational Integrity Specialist
Privacy Project Leader
Program Administrator of Privacy & Compliance
Regional Coordinator Organizational Integrity
Senior Compliance Investigator/Analyst
Senior Financial Compliance Analyst
Senior Staff Analyst Compliance
Senior VP Compliance & Integrity
Supervising Compliance Specialist
Supervisor, Compliance Section
SVP Audit Ethics & Compliance
VP Corporate Business Integrity
VP, Organizational Integrity

Know of some compliance and ethics job titles not listed here or in the book?

Send them to us via e-mail (Joe Murphy & Josh Leet) or in a comment on this post.