Tuesday, March 06, 2007

An Excerpt to Tide You Over - Risk Areas

Still don't have a copy of the book?
Here's another small excerpt, this time from a list included in the books.

From Chapter 1 of both books:

Potential Compliance Risk Areas
· Antitrust/competition law
· Conflicts of interest
· Consumer protection/advertising
· Document management/retention
· Employment discrimination/labor
· Environmental
· Government investigations/dealings
· Harassment
· International
· Money laundering
· Political contributions/bribery/lobbying
· Privacy
· Product/service safety
· Taxes
· Wages and hours/ fair labor standards act (flsa)
· Workplace safety and health

To see a larger list and read about how compliance programs address these risks--and how this relates to the need for compliance professionals--order your copy of Building a Career in Compliance and Ethics.